Whether you are looking to make a thoughtful gift for an important person in your life, or a meaningful treasure for yourself, an inlaid ring represents a great outlet for your creativity and sentiment.

Consider creating the ring inlay from a material that has personal significance to whomever the ring is for: wood or stone from a significant location in their lives; reformed copper from a lucky penny collection; maybe even pages from a favourite paperback book which is on it's last binding.

For instance, the inlay for my wedding band is apple-wood from a tree outside my wife's childhood home. A tree which she grew up with. One which provided countless apple pies, and hours of amusement as a natural jungle-gym. The shelter for her and a good book in the summer, and years later, the provider of shade for our engagement party.

My ring is now a meaningful link to her and to her family; a link which a professional jeweller would have had a hard time providing. It is a truly unique piece with a great story. I think that it is the personal touch which creates these meaningful items. Your direct involvement in the design/creative process is the key sentimental component that modern vendors don't provide.

So what are you going to make today?


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