is a family-run North American business. We sell stainless steel ring kits compatible with interchangeable inlays.

There are several advantages to an interchangeable inlay system:

  • you can change out inlays quickly and easily for variety
  • you can replace inlays if they are ever damaged
  • you can adjust the width of the ring (a wider ring fits better in the winter, a thinner one fits better in the summer)
  • you can design and make your own inlays, updating the ring as your skill/creativity improves

In addition, for environmentally conscientious individuals, stainless steel is a good alternative to the more traditional precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) and specialty metals (e.g. titanium) used in jewelry, all of which incur a significantly higher toll on the environment during mining/extraction and processing.

Grade 316L stainless steel is used for our rings. This is the type of stainless steel typically used for food handling, pharmaceutical processing and medical implant applications. 316 stainless steel is "marine grade" stainless steel, and is formulated for corrosion resistance.

If you have any questions about our ring kits, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Check back on this site regularly for inlay ideas and tutorials!

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